Indonesian Vegetable Recipe

Essential part of Indonesian cooking

Indonesia has plenty vegetable recipe. You can make numerous dishes from every single vegetables. This country has endless vegetable that you can cooked and do magic in your kitchen. And the variation of the recipe is just delightful.

Gado gado, one of the famous Indonesian Vegetarian Recipe

Here are few tips that you might be find useful:

Buy fresh looking product and pay attention to the color and smell. Good product has crisp, beautiful colors, no wormy holes and brown edges on the leaves.

Wash your vegetables before you slicing them up. This prevent the vitamin C from dissolving in the water.

Add a pinch of sugar to the water and your vegetables will taste as if they have just been picked.

Here are the selection of great vegetable recipes:

Indonesian yellow pickled vegetables
Side dish for many Indonesian kitchen. This side dish is very delicious in combination with fried noodles and sambal.

Karedok or raw vegetables with peanut sauce
Very refreshing recipe for in the summer time. And very easy to make.

Indonesian Sweet Corn Snacks
Sweet Side dish recipe, but you can also use this as a main dish with warm rice and sambal, really delicious.

Tahu tek-tek
Fried tofu with shrimp paste and chili sauce.

Originated recipe from Jogjakarta. A curry of jackfruit, chicken and egg served with rice, and is the most famous local dish.

Indonesian vegetable salad
Great choice for your dinner. It doesn't matter of you are vegetarian or not. The dish is just delicious, fresh and light. The meal for everybody and the whole family.

Sayur asem
Clear soup with assorted vegetables such as melinjo (gnetum gnemon), melinjo leaves, sweet corn (still on the cobs), peanuts, zucchini/chayote and tamarind. Very delicious on the hot day.

Stew of Chayotes
Very refreshing vegetable soup and delicious.

Gulai Rebung
Curry recipe with bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots is normally used to make loempia, but this is one is very particular dish.

Curried Tempeh
Tasteful authentic Indonesian recipe with coconut milk. Great choice if you are a vegetarian but it is not diet friendly.

Spicy Chinese Cabbage Recipe
Wonderful choice for the lunch. Despite the sour and spicy taste, the dish is very refreshing. And the most important part is, its low calorie recipe and very easy to make.

Indonesian salad with peanut sauce and emping crackers. Very popular in Europe and you buy them everywhere in Europe at the Indonesian restaurant.

Mixed Salad with fried tofu, tempe and cucumber with peanut sauce.

Stir Fry Water Spinach
The most common daily dish that you’ll find in almost every single family in Indonesia.

Indonesian Stir Fry Broccoli
Healthy option for a dinner. It is easy and pretty cheap to make. And if you have a little time to make dinner maybe this is the perfect solution for you.

Stir Fry Green Beans with ground chicken
Easy and fast recipe. It's not complicated. It's just simple and easy to follow recipe. Everybody can make it, and so are you.

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