Travel on Java

Travel on java require many patient and could be very exhausted journey. Take good care of yourself and drink as much as you can. It's very important. If you don't drink enough you can get sick.

You can find many java travel information in this tropical island and even buy a map to make your journey easier in every big cities especially in commercial places.

Find out several routes to enter and exit the island of Java with java travel information. And there are number of services that you can use to travel on java.

By Boat

You can use boat to travel on Java from coast to coast. It's worth it, you can see many beautiful places that can only reach by boat.

There are several shipping services from other Indonesian islands to Java.

The popular sea routes are from Sumatra by short ferry trip from Panjang to Merak harbor in West Java. If you want to go to the east of the island, there are regular ferries on the short crossing between Banyuwangi and Gilimanuk on Bali.

Bali is easy to reach by bus or train. The ferry connection across the narrow strait separating Bali from Java is included in the bus or train ticket. The most access point to Bali is from Surabaya direct to Denpasar, the capital city of Bali.

If you finish travel on Java, Bali could be interesting next stop.

By airplane

If you're in hurry and not much time to go through Java by bus or train, airplane might be the solution. The airplane price for many western is not so high, about IDR 500,000 or $ 50 from Jakarta to Bali, but for many Indonesian is that one month income.

Jakarta is the centre of all airlines, Sukarno Hatta airport, located closer to Tangerang than Central Jakarta. Beside the international airline, you can also travel Java or to another island of Indonesia through Jakarta. This airport also offers the domestic airline. It's also easier and you can spare so much time by airplane than by boat.

By bus

If you want to travel on Java, it's better if you take the bus of the train, it's cheaper and you can see many beautiful things and places that you've never heard and seen before. This experience can't compare if you're travelling by plane. In this island you can easy to get around by bus, they're everywhere, and they're stop everywhere you like. They can get to the places where is not accessible by train. The fares are cheap, and they're sometimes faster than train.

And because they're very cheap, it can be crowded and hot and sometimes is very slow on a busy day.

If you want to go to Bandung from Jakarta in a fastest way, take a night minibus, it's more convenient.

Or take the colt bus from the airport, like Cipaganti travel, they can offer you the more comfortable trip. They will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel.

The most drivers from Cipaganti travel are reliable and polite. They don't like cheat foreign people. They offer you the most honest price.

The fare is about IDR 100,000 or $10 from Jakarta to Bandung. That's all inclusive; you don't have to pay any fuel or anything more like highway fares.

Other bus or other travel agency will offer you much less than Cipaganti travel, but in the end it cost you much more.

So be careful if you're on travel there. You can easy cheated by them, if you're not very experience with this.

If you don't like bus, you can also travel Java by train. It's more comfortable than the bus, but you have to take the 1st class or 2e class, because the third class, it could be very crowded and very inconvenient.


If you want to go around the cities, it's the most comfortable if you take taxies. But be careful to choose them. Bluebird is the most reliable and convenient taxi that you can get.

Other taxies are not very trusted; they can offer you an unmetered taxi for short trip, and make a longer trip than it has to be. Especially for foreigners who don't really know the price, it's easy to cheat, and they know very well which person that they can cheat.

So if you can't found bluebird, and you have to take another taxi, don't let them know that you're not very familiar in the city.

Bargain well and don't be afraid, stay cooled and nice, or else you could be in trouble.

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