Indonesian Recipe

The variations are endless

Delightful Indonesian food

Indonesian Recipe is as diverse as the Indonesian culture. The variations are endless. There are numerous recipes that you can try out.

Some of the dishes are pretty unknown for many people outside Indonesia. I think they’re worth of try because they are all delicious.

Some of the dishes are very popular in Europe and USA such as Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) or Mie goreng (Fried Noodles).

And meat dishes like Rendang (meat cooked in coconut milk) and Babi Panggang (grilled pork meat) is the favorite for people from Europe.

You can make dishes from so many plants that grow in Indonesia.

Cassava leaves are also delicious, or papaya leaves are excellent choice to make a pepes dish. Pepes is a steam mixture of leaves or meat or fish with herbs and spices.

It’s pretty interesting actually that we use almost everything surround us to make dishes. They're cheap but healthy. Like Kangkung leaves grow in almost every place in Indonesia, but in Europe Kangkung leaves are pretty expensive. And cassava leaves grows everywhere as also papaya leaves. Sometimes you don’t even have to buy it.

There are also countless fruits that Indonesia has to offer. Because of that, there are so many variations of desserts that you can make with these exotic fruits. They are all delicious.

The most Indonesian dishes can preserve many days if you keep them in the fridge, also like rawon, soto ayam, and every dishes that is not contain vegetable can be stock in frozen for many months.

Stock them in little feed box in frozen, it is very convenient if you nothing to have in the house and don’t have time to cook, just do the little box of the frozen and warm them up. In no time you have a good meal, just add some vegetables and warm rice and you’re ready.

Tasteful Indonesian Recipes

Rice Recipe
Rice is the most important part in Indonesian cooking. Indonesian people eat rice, without rice they feel that they aren’t eating yet. And there are countless rice recipes that you can practice at home.

Chicken Recipe
Chicken is the most practical meat. With chicken you can almost make anything. Snacks, dishes, soup, anything you want. That’s why there are so much recipes for chicken dishes.

Vegetable Recipe
Indonesia has plenty recipe of vegetables. You can make everything from everything. This country has endless vegetable that you can cooked and do magic in your kitchen. And the variation of vegetable recipe is numerous.

Meat Recipe
There is a lot of variation of meat recipe in Indonesian cooking. The most widely used meat is beef. With beef we can make lots of dish.

Fish Recipe
Delicious selection of Indonesian Fish Recipe. Healthful and nutritious food.

Tofu Recipes
Excellent substitute for meat. Beside that tofu is healthy, you can also make countless delicious recipes of them.

Asian Desserts
Indonesia has numerous desserts recipe. And they are coming more and more each year. The recipes that I show you here is the authentic recipe, but they are forever. These are endless popular, inside and outside Indonesia.

So, make your kitchen an Indonesian kitchen with these tasty Indonesian recipes.

Happy cooking.

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