Tahu tek-tek

Tahu tek-tek is tofu with shrimp paste and chili sauce.

Originally come from Surabaya, and you’ll find it along the street of this city.

Very famous around the East Java province and is not hard to make it. And the taste? No doubt about it, yummy......


• 3 eggs, diced in 8 pieces each

• 5 tofu, dry fried, cut in square pieces ( ½ inch x ½ inch)

• 2 lontong ( cooked it and diced in square pieces ( 1inch x 1 inch)

• 2 potatoes (diced in 16 pieces)

• ½ pounds mung bean sprouts

• 5 gloves garlic, fried

• 2 chilli peppers

• Sweet Indonesian soya sauce (kecap manis)

• 1 table spoon white vinegar

• Petis

• Peanut butter

• Bouillon powder

• Sugar

• Salt

• Water


1. Make a smooth paste of garlic and chilli peppers, add petis and peanut butter, stir until they mixed well.

2. Add kecap manis, white vinegar, bouillon powder, sugar and salt (if needed), and add water until you get the mixture not too thick or not too liquid.

3. Put it on the low heat, stir it the whole time, or else you got the burn parts on the bottom of your pan, until they boiled. Set aside.

4. Put eggs, tofu, potatoes an lontong on the dish and pour the sauce over this.

5. Served with fried onion and prawn crackers.

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