The island of Java
the beauty on its own

The island of Java is the most populated island of the Indonesian archipelago, or maybe even the world. Most Indonesian people live here, about 62 % of the whole population while in another islands like Sumatra or Kalimantan, much bigger than Java but less populated.

Java is long and Narrow Island and the fifth largest island of Indonesia after Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya, and also the 13th largest island in the world, with an area of 132,000 km.

The rice lands of Java are the richest in the world, which you can also see around the island; everywhere you can enjoy the sight of the green paddy fields.

This agriculture is also one of the most important occupations besides fishing, the major income of Indonesian people.

This island is also home for many volcanoes. Most of them are still active volcano like Mount Merapi, Mount Bromo, the most attractive volcano of Java. And many of them had certainly ever collapsed. This volcanic area make this island a fertile land with many possibilities.

Regardless the population, this island is still an attractive place to visit. The divers of the languages, volcanoes, the temples, the hectic cities, rice paddy fields, all of them make this island very attractive island to explore.

Provinces of Java

Java is divided into four provinces:

• Banten, was once a part of West Java province. In year 2000, this city became a separate province with Serang as the capital city. A charming and lovable province.

• West java, with its capital city Bandung, very different than any other provinces, Central and East Java. The capital city of this province, Bandung, lies in the mountainous area while on the other provinces, the capitals lie on the coast area. Click here to find out more about this province and the culture. • Central Java with Semarang as the capital, lie on the coast area. This is the province where you can find the magnetism of Buddha temple, Borobudur and other magnificent temples. To find out more about this province, click here. • East java, the most fascinating province of the island, with magnificent Mount Bromo. This province is the most closest area to Bali. It make also easier to jump from this island to Bali. Do you want to know more, click here.

• Special district of Yogyakarta, the smallest province of Indonesia. This province is the place where you can experience the old time of Java. Click here to know more about this lovely town. • Special capital district of Jakarta. The capital city of Indonesia. Modern and a busy city with many interesting place to visit. Click here to find out the attraction in Jakarta.


There are three main languages spoken in the island of Java, beside the national language, Bahasa Indonesia.

In province West Java and Banten people speak sundanese. In Central and East Java, people spoken Javanese, and in the island of Madura people speak Madurese.

Beside these three main languages, there is another local language, Betawi, spoken by people of Jakarta.

Sundanese and Javanese have different level of words, high and low. Low Sundanese or Javanese spoken in daily day life while soft or high level were used to speak to Sultan or another inferior.

I give you some example in Sundanese.

Raw or low Sundanese: “urang dahar” means “I’m eating “in English, is very raw sundanese. You have to say this in high of soft Sundanese “abdi tuang”.

If you speak sundanese to the Javanese, or otherwise they won’t understand you.

If you say “lali” in Javanese, it means “poho” in sundanese, and it means “lupa” in Indonesian. And in English it means “forget”.

So Indonesian language means to make people understand to each other wherever they're living. It makes one of all diversity in Indonesia.

Here are the sum of languages in the island of Java:

• Javanese

• Sundanese

• Madurese

• Betawi (local dialect of Jakarta)

• Osing and Tenggerese (It’s like Javanese)

• Badui (related to Sundanese)

• Kangeanese (related to Madurese)

So, Explore the island of Java, make a memory of a life time by visiting many beauty in this magnificent island.