North Bali
The perfect area to relax

North Bali is definitely not the favorite area among the tourist. The first choice of them is certainly the south side of Bali, not far from the airport of Bali, Ngurah Rai.

But you can’t hardly say that this area less interesting to visit. In fact this is the place to escape from the crowd and the hassle of Bali.

This is absolutely the perfect area to relax, with the beautiful beaches, hidden villages, and great places to do snorkeling and diving.

And if you like partying and night life you are totally at the wrong place. You would be disappointed if you’re looking for great surfer place, crowd, and luxury resort as you can find in the south part of the island.

Here in this area you might get the feeling of Bali thirty years ago, quiet and peaceful.

Watching Dolphins playing in the waves in the morning at Lovina Beach, walking on the delightful black sand beach, or anything you want to do for a relax vacation. Enjoy the grandiose view of Mount Agung in the distance, or diving in Pulau Menjangan or Deer Island would be another amazing experience.

Maybe the areas isn’t superb area like the south side, but in this part of Bali you’re really feel that you are on vacation. After all vacation is to relax and not to hassle, right?

Personally I like peaceful places; even in the crowded place I’m certainly looking for more outback places where less people are located.

For me Lovina beach is certainly my favorite, and you might be getting boring if you like other things than peaceful beach and quiet place.

Peaceful Lovina beachBeautiful Gitgit WaterfallLovely Pemuteran beach

Interesting places in North Bali


The former capital city of Bali during colonial time. Attractive town with Dutch buildings around the city and great places to visit like Museum and Library Gedong Kirtya, the only library in the world with such a large collection of lontar manuscripts. And visit also the central market where you can find everything and great place to do some shopping.

Seririt Munduk

A quite village, far and away from the crowd of Bali. This is the place where you can enjoy the awesome landscapes and beautiful waterfall without too many folks around you. You can feel the greatest influence of Mother Nature. Located in Buleleng regency.

Lovina Beach

Peaceful and tranquil beach. Enjoy the lovely dolphin in the morning, diving and snorkeling; explore the beautiful sea without too much crowd.

Air Sanih Tejakula

Very known for its spring water bath. The pools set between the coast and the main road. It would be fun and there are a few budget hotels around.


A small fishing village with a few hotels on the beach. Not far from the village there is a shelter place for the sea turtle. And on a few hundred meters further on the coast there is one of the biggest rehabilitation place for the coral reefs in the world.

Gitgit Waterfall

It’s a beautiful waterfall, about 10 km south of Singaraja. Surrounded by tropical forest and 35 meters height. It’s a pleasant walk to reach this awesome place with cool air temperature, and it’s really getting colder if you approach the waterfall.

Buyan Lake

The smallest lake of Bali, located on the plateau area with forest surround it. Nice place to visit and a cool area. Don’t forget to bring your sweater.

Tamblingan Lake

Nature lake that surrounding by green forest and located on the plateau Near Singaraja. The perfect place to do some adventure around here, the beauty pay by itself. Also a tourist attraction, but as I said before, north part of the island is not as crowded as the south part, but the nature beauty around here is just awesome, beautiful....

Ponjok Batu Temple

The temple of stone. The whole buildings are made from stone. Located about 24 km from Singaraja. Lovely temple to visit and it set on a beautiful location on a rocky cliff with a beautiful sea sights.

Banjar Hot Water

A nature hot spring, located near Banjar about 24 km from Singaraja. Local people believed that this water can healed some disease.

Pulaki Temple

The famous and the biggest temple in Singaraja regency. The temple set on a great location, on the hill bank and on the front side set a beautiful blue sea.

Menjangan Island or Deer Island

An uninhabited island, one the perfect place in Bali to do diving and snorkeling with great coral reefs and beautiful sea life.

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