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There is a lot of variation of meat recipe in Indonesian cooking. The most widely used meat is beef. With beef we can make lots of dish.

There are certainly things that you have to know about which meat you have to choose for certain dishes.

Here are some guidelines that you can use to determine the correct choice of meat.

  • Fillet use for sate or beefsteak
  • Sirloin is very suitable for sate or semur pedas
  • Brisket use in dishes such as semur, rendang, empal
  • Shank is the correct meat for dishes such soups, gulai, rawon or soto

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Don’t be stuck with these guidelines. If you think that some meats are good for the certain dishes, just use it. Try anything, and at the end you choose by yourself what the best meat for your dishes is.

Just one thing you have to know is, that each dishes you have to cook it for a while on low fire to get soft and tender meat and to get the excellent taste.

Most of the meat dishes aren’t very good at the first day you cook but they have the excellent taste on the second day or even the third day. So just cook the day before, it’s even better.

And another thing about goat meat to make gulai kambing, they aren’t easy to prepare because of their strong smell. Or you can substitute them with lamb’s meat.

But there are some ways to lessen the smell of goat meat:

  • Hung the meat in the airy place. When you start cooking, wash the meat immediately and prepare it and don’t wait until the meat starts to exude liquid.
  • Add more coriander if you cook gulai to remove the smell

So, let's try our meat recipe.

Here are the selection of recipes:

Green Beans with ground beef
Very delicious vegetable dish. Healthy and yummy. Very suitable for evening meal with warm rice and very easy to make.

Stuffed Peppers
Peppers filled with mixture of potatoes and ground beef. The taste is maybe unusual but it is delicious especially with spicy sweet soya sauce.

Indonesian Grilled Beef with sweet soya sauce
An excellent choice on the hot day, combined with fresh salad, and you will get the perfect meal.

Spicy Dried Beef Slices
It uses a lot of chilies, hot but very delicious with warm rice. Also very suitable for birthday party. People tend to like this dish. If you make yellow rice, tumpeng with this dish as a side dish, you’re will certainly have a successful party at the food area.

Indonesian Spicy and Aromatic beef
Beef Recipe cooking in sweet soy sauce with lots of Birdseye chilies. Very hot and tasty. Very suitable for a side dish. Also as an adding to Yellow Rice tumpeng. Could be one of your party dishes.

Kerecek bumbu kari
Curry recipe with beef skin krupuk. The beef skin krupuk is easy to find in each supermarket. This kind of dish is very heavy, it’s fills your stomach immediately. It’s not very suitable for a light lunch but very good for evening meal with warm rice

Stuffed cabbage rolls
It is easy and healthy meat recipe. It can be used as a side dish with warm rice or just as a lunch or snacks.

Lamb curry
A particular Indonesian dish with unique taste, but it’s really taste good if you make it on the right way.

A main dish of Indonesian people. Often use as side dish for nasi rames. Very famous all over the country, also outside Indonesia.

Sate Manis
The famous Indonesian dish. It’s known in the whole world. It’s not really strange why this dish is such a favorite because of the taste. It’s so delicious and has certainly perfect taste for any kind of occasions.

Indonesian Dark Beef Soup
One of the best authentic Indonesian recipe, originated come from East Java, Surabaya.

Indonesian Steamed meatloaf recipe
It's another great ground beef recipe from Indonesian. This meatloaf recipe is an excellent variation for your evening meal, just combine with stir fry vegetables and you will get the excellent evening meal.

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