Indonesian Rice Recipes

The daily base of all Indonesian food

Rice Recipes is the most important recipes of all Indonesian food. Rice is the essential part for many Indonesian people. Without rice they feel that they aren’t eating yet. And there are countless recipes that you can practice at home.

Fried rice for example, the most famous rice recipes of all Indonesian recipes. Everywhere in the world you can always find this kind of recipe.

The variation that you can make with rice in endless. You can make risotto recipe, stuffed chicken recipe with rice, yellow rice (the proud of Indonesian people), or you can add some vegetables in the rice or even fruit. They are all delicious.

Here are some delicious selection of Indonesian Recipes:

Fried Rice Recipe
the simplest variations of rice dishes served with some eggs and cucumber.

Fried Rice with Petai
It is a delicious rice dish but Petai beans has strong smell which makes that many people avoid to use them in a dish.

Nasi Kuning or Yellow Rice
The rice cooked in coconut milk with turmeric and some spicy, usually served with more variety of side dishes than nasi campur and very colorful for a party.

Nasi Pecel
Rice served with cooked vegetables and peanut sauce.

Rice with dark beef soup
Nasi Rawon in Indonesian is rice recipe originated from East Java. The dark color comes from the meaty seeds of kluwak nuts, usually served with uncooked mung bean sprouts and emping melinjo, and fried onion.

Compressed boiled rice packets. And they are delicious in combination with Gado-gado or with Opor Ayam.

Nasi Liwet
Traditional rice dish cooked with coconut milk and some herbs and served with tofu and tempe.

Chicken Porridge
Rice recipe that very suitable for breakfast. And if you are sick, this dish can offer you a nice and warm feeling, certainly a welcome meal for your stomach.

Rice Stuffed Rolls or Arem-arem in Indonesian
Particular rice dish, roll of rice with stuffing inside, very delicious and practical to take everywhere, especially if you’re on picnic somewhere, this dish comes pretty handy.

Nasi Kebuli
Great rice recipe for the whole family. It tastes good with chicken and pineapples. It's certainly a tasteful Indonesian recipe.

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