Opor Ayam
Chicken soup with coconut milk

Opor ayam, one of the main Indonesian dish, chicken cooked with coconut milk with some Indonesian herbs.

Very famous in Java, especially in Central and East Java, where this dish came from.

This dish mostly use if someone wants to celebrate and special occasion like Ramadan or birthday.


• 1 Chicken cut in 4 pieces, wash with vinegar

• 8 eggs hard boiled

• 3 Bay leaves

• 2 lemon grass, cut in 3 pieces each

• 1 inch ginger

• 5 kaffir lime leaves

• Make 800 ml coconut milk from 1 can coconut milk

• 1 tbs tamarind water

• 2 tbs sun oil

• 6 shallots

• 3 gloves garlic

• 1 tbs coriander powder

• 3 candlenuts

• 1 tbs sugar

• 2 tsp salt


1. Put shallots, garlic, Candlenuts in the food processor, blend it until you get the smooth paste. Add coriander, mix it until well, set aside.

2. Heat the oil in de sauce pan, add the mixture, stir until the mixture little bit brown, and smelt good, make sure that you don’t get the burn parts at the bottom of the pan. To be sure that you don’t get the burn parts, put the heat on low-medium .

3. Add chicken, bay leaves, kafiir lime leaves (squeeze it before you add them in to the pan), lemon grass, ginger, cook it with closing pan until the chicken get another color.

4. Add coconut milk, tamarind water, sugar, salt and the eggs. Cook it in low fire until the chicken get soft and ready to eat.

5. Take the chicken out from the pan, chopped into little pieces, put it into the bowl. Dice the eggs into 2 pieces, put above the chicken, pour the sauce over this.

6. Garnished with some fried onions.

7. Serve together with nasi liwet.

For 6 persons.

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