Sweet Potato cake
with coconut milk layer

Delightful dessert of Indonesian traditional food

This is certainly the lovable sweet potato cake to see and to enjoy, a delicious dessert and despite the name sweet, this one of the best choice of high protein recipes of many Indonesian dessert.

They are really delicious but o so much work. This is the best cake that you can make with sweet potatoes. But you have very much time to make this dessert. This is a must eat of the original Indonesia food.

If you have much time or nothing to do, try this delicious sweet potatoes recipe.


  • 1 kilogram sweet potatoes
  • 300 cc boiling hot water
  • 300 gram rice flour
  • 150 gram corn flour
  • 250 gram sugar, you can use less sugar if you want it
  • 750 cc thin coconut milk
  • 500 cc thick coconut milk
  • Salt


  • Steam the sweet potatoes until they are soft, peeled and mashed them while they are still warm
  • Mix 200 gram rice flour with boiling hot water until well mixed
  • Add mashed sweet potatoes, corn flour, sugar, thin coconut milk and a little bit salt.
  • Mix them well. Put the mixture through a sieve so you can get a really smooth mixture
  • Pour the mixture into small cups with 5 cm diameter that have been oiled first
  • Steam the cakes until they are half done, about 20 minutes
  • While the cakes are steamed, you can make the coconut milk layer, here is how: Mix the thick coconut milk with the rest of the rice flour and salt. Pour the mixture in the half done cakes.
  • Steam again for about 30 minutes.
  • Remove the cakes from the cups when they cooled off
  • Serve and enjoy

About 30 cakes

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