Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Delicious Indonesian dessert with a high nutritional value.

Indonesia is one of the countries that very popular with its sweet potatoes recipe. Sweet potatoes make an important part in daily day food in some parts of this country.

Indonesia is one the best growers of sweet potatoes in the world because of the weather. This vegetable live only in warm country with abundant sun and warm nights.

You can make a lot of things with this vegetable. And the best of all, sweet potato has a high nutritional value. It’s containing carbohydrates, vitamin A en C, iron and calcium. So you can make high protein recipes with this potato.

You can simply bake it as a snacks, which are very delicious but you can also make an excellent dessert of soup.

Here is the delicious sweet potatoes recipe:

Sweet Potato balls with coconut milk

Biji Salak in Indonesian, delicious and lovely sweet


  • 600 gram sweet potatoes steamed and peeled while they are warm
  • 75 gram tapioca flour, add more flour if the mix still difficult and too wet to shape them into balls
  • 300 gram palm sugar or brown sugar
  • 400 cc water
  • 1000 cc thick coconut milk, cooked with a little bit salt and 2 or 3 pandan leaves.


  • Mash the sweet potatoes while they are warm. You have to take care that you get the smooth mashed potatoes; I will tell you in the minute why you have to get the smooth paste
  • Take out of 1/4 of the mashed potatoes and set it aside. And the rest mix it with tapioca flour and salt. Shape them into small balls
  • Boil water in a saucepan and put a few ball at the time. Not too many at once or the ball would be stick together
  • Prepare bowl cold water. Scoop the balls out when they float on the surface and put in the bowl cold water. So the balls wouldn’t be stick to each other
  • Boil the palm sugar or brown sugar together with the water until the sugar dissolves. Add some vanilla sugar to bring more taste
  • Add the remaining mash sweet potatoes into the sugar mix. Stir it until you get the smooth sauce (this is why you have to mash smoothly)
  • Add some tapioca flour that you have already mixed with water to get more thick sauce
  • Bring to a boil and add the sweet potato balls that you have to drain first before you add them into the mixture
  • Stir it and bring it to a boil and remove.
  • Serve cold with coconut milk that you have already cooked.

For 10 people


If they are warm, they are not so tasteful when they are cooled off. The best way is to keep them overnight in the refrigerator when they are cold and then serve them.

Don’t try to put them in the refrigerator when the dessert and the coconut milk are still warm, or you get sourish dessert in return.

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