Wendit Water Park

Spend some beautiful time
with the family in this pleasant and relax place

Wendit Water Park

Wendit Water Park, as you can expect from the name, a park full of water recreation.. That is absolutely right. But don’t expect any spectacular or mesmerized place.

Pool at Wendit Water Park Malang

This place is just a pleasant place to spend relax Sunday afternoon with little children. I mean literally little children.

Take a ride with sheep cart with low pace so they won't scared.

Big girls and boys wouldn’t be amused if you take them to this place. They would be grumble and get cranky. I’ve been experienced this before.

My niece from 15 years old gets cranky when she has to stand next to my boy at the horse carrousel. That beautiful face was worth of a picture when she has to sit down on the wooden horse, ha ha....

But my son? Ach, he had a lovely moment. Too bad I can’t catch her face in my picture, just the back side of her.

Horse carrousel at wendit water park

I should be ashamed to take this picture, but I'm not. In fact, it amused me to see my niece get cranky to do something she doesn't want and childish.

So the place would be great for children until they are about 10 years. When you have older children, don’t go here, you would be waste your time. But they’re certainly love make a picture around here, as you can see.

My son posed everywhere he can. He likes to pose as you can see of a lot of picture of him. I love to make picture for him. Isn’t he cute?

The place is not very popular among the foreign tourist. This park is more visited by local people. So when my nieces walking around the park (they are half Dutch and half Indonesian), but they are more look like Europeans than Indonesian, so people stared at them when we get there. So the girls enjoy the moment that they are in the middle of attention for a while. Ach, what could go wrong with a little bit attention, isn’t it?

Though the Wendit park isn’t the best visited and attractive tourist place, we had a good time there, so if you’re in neighborhood, make a time to visit this water park.

This park located in Malang, about 4 km from the center of the city. If you’re with the car, you can park the car in front of the park. They are plenty of parking place.

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