Peanut sauce
for the chicken satay

Peanut sauce mostly use for the chicken satay, but you can pour into another satay like pork satay, it's make satay more delicious.


• 2 Gloves garlic

• ½ inch ginger, peeled

• 1 chilli pepper

• Peanut butter

• 1 tbs sugar

• ½ tsp salt

• 1 tbs sun oil


1. Put the garlic, lesser galangal and chilli pepper in to the food processor, blend it until you get the smooth paste.

2. Heat the oil in the pan, add the mixture, stir it until they get brown colour.

3. Take the pan away from the fire and add the peanut butter, mix it until well, add some water if the mixture too thick.

4. Bring the pan back into low fire, stir it until boiled.

5. Ready to serve. Pour the sauce over the satay.

I’m using peanut butter instead using some raw peanut because it’s more easier. Peanut butter has already the taste salt and sweet. It takes a little bit effort to make it. And it's taste great with a little bit adjustment and spicy.

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