Parangtritis beach

Lovely beach with beautiful sunset
near Jogjakarta

Looking for a beach near Jogjakarta?

Try the Parangtritis beach, easy to reach from the city and not so far away, about 27 km, of course not by walking but by car is about 30 minutes.

The beach is lovely, some of the time is the beach crowded, mostly from local people, because for Javanese is this one of the fine beaches in the area and most visited.

The legend of the local people tells that Parangtritis beach was the palace of Nyai Loro Kidul, the Goddess of the South Sea.

Don’t wear something green or red if you want to visit Parangtritis beach. Local people believed that something bad would happen to you if you wear these colors.

Maybe Nyai Loro Kidul will take you to her palace under the water and never returned... something like that. The legend is old, but maybe is it true???

If you want to walk along the beach, I suggest to do that during sunset, beside the sunset is so beautiful, the sunshine is no longer sharp, it makes the walks very pleasant.

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There are enough restaurants, hotels and resorts in case you might be worry that you won’t find place to stay or to lunch.

There are plenty of them, so you can be sure that you don’t have to go back to Yogyakarta to look for some place to stay if you’re intend to stay longer on the beach. And I can assure you that you’ll need a whole day to explore the area.

Along the coast there are small shops selling young coconuts. They are very delicious, want to try? And the price?? How about IDR 5,000 or US$ 0, 50. Isn’t it very cheap?

Even the entry price to the beach is very cheap, about IDR 2000 per person, about US$ 0, 20.

Beside the lovely beach, this place has more interesting places ready to discover by you.

How about Langse cave, according to the legend, this is the place of Nyai Loro Kidul. And the cave often visited by Sultan of Mataram. It would be a challenged to reach the cave, situated high up 400 meters on the cliffs. The nature stairs exist from some stones and roots.

Once in the cave you can take a bath in one of the room. The water comes from the springs of the cave, cold and it consist high sulfur to make your tired body very relaxed.

After doing some bath you can do meditation. The silence of the cave can help you that. You will only hear the sound of the south sea.

Not far from Parangtriris beach there is also a place called Parangwedang, a hot springs rich of mineral, and unique point of this hot springs that it isn’t consist some of sulfur, where you can find it most of the time in such springs.

Beside Parangtritis beach, Yogyakarta has also other lovely little beaches:

  • Baron beach, has an underground river that you can use as a bath place after swimming.
  • Drini Beach, coral island rich of Drini’s trees. The wood from this tree can heal snake’s poison.
  • Krakal Beach the longest beach on Gunung Kidul with white sands and shallow bay
  • Kukup Beach, the beach has rich coral reefs and beautiful sea fish.
  • Ngrenehan beach where you can see the activity of the fisherman and enjoy tastefully fresh seafood
  • Sadeng Beach there is lake and often called as the valley of Bengawan Solo River
  • Sepanjang beach the place where you can see the eggs of sea turtle
  • Siung beach where you can get challenge to climbs the high cliffs that surrounding the beach.
  • Sundak beach the beach to enjoy and favorite place for young people.
  • Wediombo beach lovely beach with shallow bay and white sands, where you can see the perfect sunset.
  • So, there are enough beaches around Yogyakarta, beside temples, the beaches also an attractive place to visit.

    Would you like to see another beach in Java, try Pasir Putih Situbondo, on the north coast of East Java, or visit another beach that also dominated by the Goddess of the South Sea, Pelabuhan Ratu beach.

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