Mount Halimun Salak
the beautiful nature forest
in West Java

Mount Halimun Salak is one the most beautiful nature park in West Java.

Located between Bogor and Sukabumi.

This park has a function as a natural reserve and home for many endangered species.

With an area of 40,000 hectares, makes this place one of the biggest nature reserve in Indonesia. The largest original rain forest of Java.

The surrounding is just beautiful. It takes my breath away. The wilderness and denseness of the forest still untouched by human being.

The stones covered by green moss, the picture of the amazing waterfalls, the cool fresh air, it’s just so lovely to be here.

A journey to this forest will be an unforgettable experience. Feel the soothing sound of water splashing down the river, the refreshing cool air, the beautiful green tree.

Without any commercial place, Mount Halimun Salak can hold their original forest life.

You can maximize your journey here, through the canopy trail, listen to the birds voices.

There is no reason to be afraid of getting lost in this densely forest because there is a 3.8 kilometre long loop trail complete with sign board and shelter. So don’t worry about that. But you must stay on the main trail, if you make a short cut; it’s not only damage the forest also very dangerous.

You can walk through the canopy, the hanging bridges above the loop trail that connect one tree to another. The most activities in the forest find place at the height of the canopy, so if you walk through the canopy instead walk on the ground, it will be completely different experiences than walk through the tree roots and constantly look up.

The vegetation can be divided in two areas: The sub montane forest has the altitude between 1000-1400 meters above sea level. It has a greater diversity of plants than the higher montane forest, where you can find 75 kinds of orchid, some of them are rare and endangered species.

If you walk through this magnificent forest, you will find unusual plants like Pakis Banyeur, glowing mushrooms that usually appear after rain, Giant Rattan Palm, a kind of young rattan that you can eat.

Or maybe you come across wild pigs, barking deer, the legendary leopard and Javan leaf monkey.

Silvery Javan Gibbons Mount Halimun Salak is also home for critically endangered Silvery Javan Gibbons. According to the last survey there are only 3000 left over from this species. Another endangered species are The Grizzled leaf monkey, only 4 % left from the original habitats. And The Javan Hawk Eagle, the territories from this eagle is under pressure, they have barely place to live.

The most common birds are the Scarlet Minivets, you can see many of them flying through the canopy. There are 130 species of birds in the park, they are freely flying in the park, two of them are endangered species, The Spotted Crosias and The Rufous Fronted Laughing Trush.

There are also 8 beautiful waterfalls middle in the park where you can rest your tired feet while you enjoy the view and feel the water drops fall into your face:

  • The falls of Cimantaja and Cipamulaan near Cikiray village
  • Piit and Cihanjawar in the environment of Nirmala
  • Citango and Cirakmasala waterfall close to Mekar Jaya village
  • Ciberang near Cisarua village
  • Cikudapaeh waterfall, located 300 m from Cikaniki

The walk through this nature forest is certainly worth with their beautiful panoramas, spectacular landscapes and the nirmala tea estate, plantations nearby Cianten and Pandanarum on the eastern side of the main gate Cipeutuey.

View of Mount Halimun Photo : by Best Photo's via Flickr Mount Halimun Salak is also use to do scientific research and educational purpose.

Beside the ecological and the scientific purpose, Mount Halimun Salak offers quiet areas for recreation and eco tourism. Activities including hiking, observing animals and flora, or just enjoy the natural beauty.

The management of the park will request you to submit a photocopy of your valid ID or passport for your own safety, because this national park lies in remote area. Surrounding by quiet environment.

You need to pay a small fee at Kabundungan, where the park office is located. You can also stay overnight here. There are little guesthouses with simple facilities and also plenty of information about this park, including miniature model of the park, some photos and video’s.

The halimun massif is also an important watershed, the source of several important rivers, supplying village and farming of west Java.

The park’s forested ridges release water slowly to prevent floods in the wet season, and shortages of water in the dry season.

The park can be reached from Bogor, Sukabumi and Lebak.

After leaving the park, if you driving to south about 40-50 km will bring you to another tourist area, Pelabuhan Ratu beach. Bring your own food and drink (no alcohol, it’s not allowed). There is no accommodation or restaurants nearby. So be prepared if you want to visit this park.

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