Honeymoon in Bali
Romantic atmosphere

Honeymoon in Bali?

Maybe even the wedding on the beach?

How romantic is that. The wedding on the beach of Bali, while watching the sunset, can you imagine that?

Nothing is more beautiful than that.

With the right person and the right place, this could be the most beautiful time of your life.

The beaches in Bali are so romantic, the air of romance is certainly in abundance which make your honeymoon guarantee succeed… I’m sorry am I say that?

Guarantee succeed, that not precisely the right words for lovers in honeymoon, isn’t it? Anyway it feels that you are really feel that you are in heaven with the right accommodation and the right atmosphere. I did say right this time, right?

Ok, enough daydreaming, now is the time how to arrange that, that’s the question that you will asked all the time, right?

So, we are talking now about the practical aspect,

First, of course arrange the flight tickets, and obtain the visa, the most important thing to do. How you arrange the visa, you can find more information about how in another page, click here if you want to know more.

There are also enough company that arrange completely package for honeymoon in Bali, from A to Z. But most of the time this could be expensive. You don’t have to pay that much to get the most unforgettable honeymoon in Bali. You can all arrange by yourself, spare your money for something else.

You can even buy cheap flight tickets if you’re departure on the low season. It doesn’t matter which month you go to Bali, the weather is always pleasant. Even in January or February when in Europe full of snow, you can enjoy the fully sunny day in here. And in these months the flight tickets could be very cheap. Sometimes you can get tickets for just 500 euro from Europe to Jakarta or even directly to Bali.

If you already have the tickets and the visa, then is the time to arrange the most beautiful bride suite of course. It doesn’t have to be expensive. The most hotels in Bali are expensive.

If you want to stay longer than 2 weeks in Bali, it’s better to hire a villa than a room in a hotel, it’s more economical.

A villa can you hire for a week or month with less price than a hotel room. And you have more freedom than in a hotel room. It's like that you're in your own home, but this time in the paradise on earth.

But if you’re looking very good around Bali, you can certainly find a cheap but fine and nice to stay.

I have been collected the most reasonable price with nice environment. Take a look, maybe you’ll find a place that interest you, cheap in price and clean (the most important thing that you will need if you want an excellent honeymoon in Bali)

Gosyen Hotel Bali Gosyen Hotel Bali

Nice and clean hotel. Friendly staff and helpful. The price is US $ 40/night is a friendly price for such a hotel.

See the review from tripadvisor

Tune Hotel - Legian, Bali Tune Hotel - Legian, Bali

Clean and nice hotel. With the price of US $ 40/night is certainly not expensive for this hotel. Nice and clean bathroom (very important)

See the review

Harris Hotel Tuban Bali Harris Hotel Tuban Bali

Nice and friendly hotel. The General manager from this hotel is really concern about the quality of this hotel. It's worth to try it. The price is US$ 45/night. Excellent price for a good and quality hotel.

See Review

Pinkcoco Bali Pinkcoco Bali

Excellent hotel to stay. It's close to the beach . Friendly staff, very important thing. They can make your staying very pleasant. The price is US $ 60 / night. It's more expensive, but it certainly worth of the money.

See the review.

I hope you will have an excellent and romantic honeymoon in Bali. Plan everything before you go, but mostly you have to let it be. Sometimes it's better if you're not planning anything before you will get disappointed because everything are not going as you like to be.

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