Great place to do diving

Amed is one of the best sites in Bali to do diving and snorkeling. And the sea view is so beautiful. You can't resist it to explore the beach and the sea.

Actually, the place is a fishing village, located off the main road between Amlapura and Singaraja.

It’s a pretty and quiet little town, but for many people who like diving, this place is pretty known for them.

Beside that this place a perfect location to discover the world of sea life, the beach is also magnificent, and not many tourist comes around here, that makes you are the happy person to enjoy the beach with no crowds, nice thought isn’t it, enjoy the beautiful beach with not too many folk around you, just feel the breeze of the wind from the sea through your face, enjoy the sun and beautiful sea, that’s lovely.

Amed Beach, Island of Bali, Indonesia, Southeast Asia
Amed Beach, Island of Bali, Indonesia, Southeast Asia

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You can go anywhere along the coast enjoy the beautiful sights and hotels and restaurant are not small. There is a wide range of hotels and restaurants, plenty of them.

By the way if you go to this village, prepared to bring your hand phone, because the place is very late in developing telephone lines, it were installed in 2003 and hotels are very limited in phone lines. So don’t forget to bring your hand phone here and it’s cheaper to purchased SIM card before you go there. It’s pretty cheap to call with Indonesian SIM card as long you called inside Indonesian area.

Anyway beside the phone line, this is a place to enjoy. Watching dolphins playing in the waves in the morning, diving to the Japanese shipwreck, enjoy the beauty of the sea world, beautiful Coral Sea, colorful fish, and the place is not too far from Tulamben, another great dive site where you can find the famous Liberty shipwreck which sank during the 2e world war.

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